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I am a Registered Professional Counsellor & Life Coach in Vancouver, B.C. I use a holistic approach integrating the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual areas of the self with a variety of therapies as well as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
I  am bilingual in English and Spanish.


I offer a Counselling and Life coaching fusion, using an integrative approach that focuses on the relationship between mind, emotions, body and spirit. 

Using Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) consisting on

 cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods in collaboration with Eastern psychological strategies such as mindfulness meditation.

 Mindfulness practices and mindfulness meditation focus on becoming aware of all incoming thoughts and feelings and accepting them, but not attaching or reacting to them. This process is known as "Decentering" and aids in disengaging from self-criticism, rumination, and dysphoric mood that can arise when reacting to negative thinking patterns.
This approach may be beneficial in the treatment of:
depression, anxiety, concerns related to mood regulation, somatic ailments, stress, trauma, addictions and difficult life transitions.




In person sessions:

805 West Broadway, Vancouver.



flexible days and times, emaill leonora@leonorarobles.com to book your session.

Do you need support?
Are you ready to change what is not working for you, find what works, and step into a more positive and fulfilling life?
Do you need a safe space to sort through your thoughts and feelings and do what is needed to heal?
Maybe you want to achieve your goals and yet, you feel like you don't know where to start and how to move forward.
Whether you are looking for a Life Coach to motivate, guide, support and encourage you to make changes or Counselling to get the support and the safe space you need to heal those intense emotions and old patterns that keep on ruling your life.
I am trained in both Life Coaching and Counselling modalities and use both skills in order to help my clients experience dramatic change.

My commitment to you as a client is to help and empower you to overcome what holds you back from living the best life you can!
(If you have insurance coverage for  Registered Canadian Counsellors, you can submit your invoices with my license number for refund with your insurance provider)