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My name is Leonora and I am  Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, mom, meditator, yoga lover, and food lover.

After a long journey diving into different careers that drained me and having  experienced depression, anxiety, trauma, overwhelming stress, chronic pain, exhaustion and lack of support,I knew I had to breakthrough and I embarked on the journey of searching for meaning and resilience within myself.

It was through studying many philosophies, spiritual practices, psychology, and somatic therapies throughout the years that I was able to pull through the darkest of times.

I also learned how powerful a relationship with a coach and therapist is by being the client myself through the years.

It is truly magical what can happen with the support of a skilled helper that you truly connect with!

 I undertook my studies in Life Coaching and Wellness Counselling at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, B.C

Both of the programs are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and by the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA).

I am also registered and a member of the CPCA.

 I believe my education and my diverse personal experience have given me the, skills, intuition, knowledge and insight I use on my practice today. I’ve learned how important is to attend to the whole individual as opposed to symptomatic relief of separate parts; every component - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to be in balance.

My approach is holistic where in session we explore all of these different areas of the self together and tend to each one of them with various therapies.

As my client, I would encourage you towards a higher understanding of the self, deeper awareness, crushing your negative beliefs & patterns, and finding the inspiration and resources to achieve your goals. I am passionate about serving as a catalyst for that change and am committed to creating a safe space for you and help you breakthrough any challenge, and anything that is holding you back from living the best life you can live.

Meet Leonora: Inner_about
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