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Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration refers to taking the gained insights, emotions, or attitudes from your experience, and processing them into desired areas of your life. Integration as a general definition means “bringing parts together to make a whole.” Psychedelic integration helps to achieve a sense of “wholeness” clients seek through their set intentions for treatment.

Examples of intentions may involve taking ownership of mistakes, speaking your truth, or reconnecting with the parts of yourself that you may have turned away from in the past. It is this wholeness, this ownership of all parts of ourselves, that creates the strong, sovereign, calm foundations the rest of your life can be built upon.

Psychedelic experiences have the potential to open up very dramatic or significant ways of being, ways of viewing others, and how you view yourself. It may bring to light new goals you have, things you want to do, say, or move towards.

Once you have these experiences, integration is the process that turns your intentions into reality. It makes your insights tangible.

An example of the integration process and its related work

As an example, during your psychedelic experience, you may have an important insight around taking care of yourself and your physical health. The related integration work around this insight would be actually carrying that out: perhaps adjusting your sleep schedule, going for more exercise, or changing your diet. 

You are integrating the lessons that came up. You are moving the insight of physical health into the reality of changed behavior.

As each person’s psychedelic experience can be radically different, so too will their integration process be radically different. For some it may be focused around a larger, particular “theme,” such as communication, honesty, relationships, career, or health.

Sometimes the tasks may be small and easily managed, such as “call your parents and tell them you love them.” Sometimes the integration activities may be more nebulous, or have no firm deadline, like “I need to speak my authentic truth and say how I feel.”

All of these are valid integration activities, and the follow-up integration work will vary based on your unique circumstances, your specific intention for the session, and who you want to be and where you want to go in life.

The sessions cost are the same as regular counselling sessions.

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