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Brain Health Assessments

Discover your Brain Type and Brain Health Assessment with the Amen Clinics Method

These assessment come from 3 decades of study at Amen Clinics, helping people improve their brain health and their lives.  Based on thousands of brain scans, also referred as SPECTS , Dr. Amen developed the Brain Heal Assessment to help people guided by professionals know which Brain type they may be and the way to optimize it. This incredible tool has helped many people learn more about their brain.

What your Brain Type says about you.

It helps get an idea as to which hormones or neurotransmitters might be unbalanced currently in your brain, such as Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA etc. These unbalances may be the cause of  different cognitive, emotional or physical symptoms, all of which can be treated with the help of counceling or coaching, a balanced diet, cognitive and physical exercises, as well as natural supplements. 

What can a proper Assessment and treatment do for you as an individual?

The brain has shown  its capacity to neuro-adapt and change its wiring according to what we eat, and practice with a healthy lifestyle. Knowing which type of brain and the possible instability of certain substances in your brain could help you naturally decrease things such as anxiety or depression, PSTD, an many other emotional or cognitive factors or symptoms that may be present in your current situation in life.

What you get with your Brain Type and Health Assessment.

A personalized plan which includes:   descriptive  and detailed information about your brain type and the possible symptoms that may be currently affecting your life emotionally, physically, and  psychologically, a detailed explanation to the possible instability of certain neurotransmitters and hormones , a personalized diet that enhances your brain health as well as many recommendations for therapy, and overall brain health improvement.

Change your brain, change your life. 


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